Glass Dab Rigs- The Perfect Glass Dab Tools

Dab rigs look like glass bongs but are specifically used for dabbing or smoking shutter, wax, oil or concentrate. Dabbing is the procedure by way of which shutter, wax, oil or concentrate can easily be smoked using a good quality vapor rig. 

Glass dab rings make use of a nail for smoking wax or oil that is heated to high temperature by making use of a hand torch for vaporizing before being inhaled. There are several manufacturers of glass dab rings operating throughout the market making it easier for individuals to make their choice as per their requirements.

Whether you are on the look out of a stylish and elaborate dab rig or a cheap and simple one, there is everything available. There are dabbing experts who out in a lot of time in sourcing top quality dab rigs making it possible for individuals to find the perfect glass dab rigs in a wide assortment of colors, styles, and sizes.

What Is The Difference Between A Glass Dab Rig And A Glass Bong?

One of the most considerable differences between a glass dab rig and a glass bong is the material through which the users smoke. Glass bongs are used for smoking dry herb packed into a bowl and lit using a lighter. Glass dab tools like dab rigs are used for smoking shutter, wax, and oil or concentrate packed into a nail and heated using a handheld torch.

Glass dab rigs are gaining huge popularity day by day with a large number of individuals choosing them as their preferred smoking tool.

The Advantages of Using Glass Dab Rigs

For the ones who are fond of dabbing, it is quite natural to agree to the fact that there is absolutely nothing in this world that can compete with glass dab rigs when it comes to smoking. There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that glass dab rigs are gaining huge popularity in the recent times. However, when you are choosing a dab rig, it is important for you to ensure choosing a dab rig that can last for a very long time. Do not settle for the cheaper varieties because they would not offer you the benefits that you might be looking for. So what are the benefits of using glass dab rigs?


Used as one of the best glass dab tools, glass dab rigs help the users in easily enjoying their favorite concentrates without going through many difficulties. These smoking accessories are easier and quicker to be cleaned in comparison to the other smoking accessories available in the market.

Safe For Smoking Concentrate

Well-designed glass dab rigs always come as a safer option for the ones who are into smoking. You might be aware of the fact that dabbing is the procedure of heating the nail to a certain temperature for vaporizing the concentrate that is to be smoked. However, with the use of glass dab rigs, you can easily carry out this whole procedure without melting your hands. It is only because of the designs of these rigs that you will be able to do so.


It would also be crucial for you to note that glass dab rigs are smaller in comparison to glass pendants or glass bongs. Therefore, they are of good help in keeping the vapor milky, condensed and thick.

The Best Medical Marijuana Smoking Accessories

People have been smoking medical marijuana for a very long time. Starting from opium to tobacco, human beings have discovered different plants with different properties. Smoking medical marijuana is one of the most popular methods because it is efficient and fast. It is one of the simplest methods of getting active ingredients into the human brain. This is because medical marijuana is heat activated and the smoke that comes out of it gets quickly absorbed by way of the lining of the lungs making its way into the bloodstream. Nevertheless, the only issue with medical marijuana is that it needs proper smoking accessories. So, here we will be covering some of the most basic accessories needed for smoking medical marijuana.


Making use of vapes or vaporizers for smoking medical marijuana or weed has become a new thing. This is because it has been proved through studies that using vapes or vaporizers for smoking medical marijuana is one of the cleanest and the most efficient methods of using marijuana medically. Vaporizers can be a little expensive but they always worth the investment because they do not break very easily like glass bongs, glass pendants, and glass dab rigs.